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Dr Azziz Benbakir, DVM

A french National, graduated in 1984, from ┬áInstitut des sciences Veterinaires ,Constantine University. After a thesis on “Orthopedic horse shoe” and few years dealing with large and small animals, he opted in 1990 to take care only of pets, from the mouse to the elephant. ┬áIn Dubai he joined the clinic in 1996 and actually Doctor in charge and co-owner.

Dr Ahmed Mostafa, DVM

Graduated from CAIRO University in 2009. Animal lover from childhood. Started his career in the American Vet Clinic in Egypt.In 2013, moved to Dubai worked with Lucky Vet Clinic. In April 2016, he joined the Deira Vet Clinic team.

Dr Hifazat Ali, DVM

Graduated from UVAS, Lahore in 2011. Practiced in different livestock fields. Moved to Dubai and joined the Deira Vet Clinic in July 2015. Exotics are his favorite pets.

"The vet's job, will not be possible without the care of ERMY, JOSIE and LEO, from the Philippines. They will for sure feed, brush, walk and pet your babies. "