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Import conditions  

  1. Cats and dogs will shipped in the luggage compartment rather than with the  passengers and  according to IATA conditions for pet animal transport.
  2. The cats and dogs must be identified with a permanent microchip , and  the chip number in the health certificate must conform with the chip No. which the animal bears.
  3. The imported cats and dogs shall be accompanied with the following:
  1. The minimum age of an imported animal from the low risk countries will be 15 weeks in a condition that his age not less than 12 weeks when vaccinated and in accordance to the manufacturing company and minimum age of 27 weeks from the high risk countries.
  2. Consignments of cats and dogs will be shipped directly from the exporting country and in case that the consignment will cross any other country , it must not mix with other pet animals during  transit and that will be attested in the annex of the health certificate
  3. In case an animal arrives from a high risk Country through a low risk Country of rabies , it must stay a minimum period of  6 months in the import country or undergoes the antibody Titration test for Rabies after a minimum period of 21 days following the last date of basic (initial) vaccination or was vaccinated during a pervious valid vaccine period  with a minimum level of ( IU/ml 0.5) .
  4. Cats and dogs must be transported in clean boxes or cages.
  5. Animal welfare Legislation and standards must be considered.         


Cats and dogs residing in UAE :

the following health and technical requirements:

A . Identified by microchip .
B . accompanied with authorized veterinary certificate issued by the competent  authorities in
       the exporting country.        
C . vaccinated against rabies prior exiting UAE, and this vaccination is valid on returning and
       in case that the vaccine is not valid before the returning , the animal will be dealt with the conditions of first import of dogs and cats                   
D . They will be accompanied with a copy of the veterinary health certificate issued by the MOCCAE while exiting.        
Ban on the following dog breeds to be imported into the United Arab Emirates:
Staffordshire Bull Terrier breed of dog , American Pit Bull Terrier breed of dog, American Staffordshire Terrier breed of dog, American Bully , Brazilian Mastiff  (Fila Brasiliero ) , Argentinian Mastiff (Dogo Argentino), Any Mastiff or Hybrid, Japanese tosa or hybrid, Rottweilers breed or hybrid , Doberman Pinschers, Canario Presa, Boxer , Any mixed breed of  above breeds of dog or their Hybrid

Please Review the list of countries on MOCCAE website to be sure it is High or low risk